Tuesday, 13 January 2015

About the Author

I'm pretty new to blogging, which means that I don't know you and you don't know me. Hopefully I will begin getting to know some of you soon. In the meantime, I thought I'd give you a little insight into who I am by answering some questions, so here we go!

What is your middle name?: Louise
What was favourite subject at school?: Definitely Art!
What is your favourite drink?: I love caffeine-free green tea (I can only have green tea with caffeine if I've eaten recently, otherwise it makes me feel sick?)
What is your favourite song at the moment?: I'm loving Uptown Funk - Uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up!
What is your favourite food?: Mmmmm food ... I really do love most types of food, and really enjoy trying new food and brands. Not a particular food type, but I like really really good quality food - my boyfriend took me to Maze (a fine dining restaurant by Gordan Ramsey) for a birthday, and it was honestly some of the best food I have ever eaten.
What is the last thing you bought?: Food from Pizza Hut. Oops.
Favourite book of all time?: I'm not a huge reader to be honest, if I do read I like reading factual books that I can learn from, such as How To Do Just About Everything
Favourite Colour?: Pink
Do you have any pets?: I have a dog called Busta, he's a Jack Russell/Border Terrier and he's a little bit special. I also used to have two Giant African Lands Snails called Gregory and Gertrude. Gertrude died, then Gregory followed not long after (cause of death: heartbreak).
Favourite Perfume?: Lady Gaga - it intrigues me that it is a black liquid!
Favourite Holiday?: I've been really lucky to have been on lots of holidays, but I loved going to Crete a few years ago with Daniel (that's my boyfriend). It was our first holiday abroad together.
Are you married?: Nope
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, quite a few times
Do you speak any other language?: As much as I wish I could, no.
How many siblings do you have?: Three. Two sisters and a brother, and we all have about 2 years between us which is pretty nice.
What is your favourite shop?: This is weird, but I love Tesco! It's convenient and they have everything you could ever need, including some lovely clothing and a nice beauty section.
Favourite restaurant?: So far, definitely Maze in London
When was the last time you cried?: I can't actually remember, which is quite nice!
Favourite Blog?: I like Kerralina - Kerry is Daniel's sister so I'm always interested to hear what she has to say.
Favourite Movie?: Oooo that's very tough. I watched Wolf of Wall Street for the first time today and was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time, so I'll pick that!
Favourite TV show?: It would have to be Breaking Bad. The only problem is that I watched it on Netflix which plays through entire series, so before I know it I've watched 5 hours' worth and it's well past my bedtime.
PC or Mac?: PC - though Mac's are so pretty so I'd love one purely for that reason.
What phone do you have?: An LG G2 
How tall are you?: 5' 5" ?
Can you cook?: I can indeed, but can be quite lazy when it comes to cooking.

If you have any other burning questions for me, feel free to comment below and I'll be sure to answer! Why not answer these questions on your blog and let your audience get to know you a little better?

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