Friday, 16 January 2015

The #KerralinaListProject: Things To Look Forward To

I'm joining in with the #KerralinaListProject - click here for more details. This week's topic is 'Things to look forward to', so here goes!

- Spending a week with my sister and nieces in Bulford - her husband is in the Army so he is often away. In June he is taking off to Canada for the week, which means Stacey and I (and the kids, of course) will get to spend some quality time together in the countryside.

- Being able to run 5K - One of my New Year's Resolution's was to learn to run, and the target I'm aiming for is 5K. It's going well so far but I've still got a long way to go. Nevertheless I am super excited to reach this milestone!

- ...and the Blacklight Run in March - it is basically a huge running event, in the dark, where you get covered in colourful UV glowing powder. Need I say more?

- Pay rise at the end of the month - the company I work for have very kindly agreed to give me a pay rise, and my first pay to reflect it will be at the end of January. After the first month I am planning to save the extra money each month, but will be celebrating with my first pay check!

- Romantic meal out with the boyfriend - paid for by said pay rise. We're going to a lovely little restaurant where we live called The Church Restaurant. As the name suggests, it is a converted church, so the decor is beautiful. I hear the food is really tasty, too. I can't wait.

- Potential snow this weekend! I am a huge fan of snow, however where we live it is pretty rare that we actually get any. We have been forcasted it for this weekend so you never know, we may just get lucky!

If you'd like to get stuck in with the project, just make a list of the things you are looking forward to on your blog, and use the hashtag #KerralinaListProject. Have fun!

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