Sunday, 11 January 2015

You've had a binge - Now what?

We've all done it; you eat really well all week, but come the weekend you're invited out for dinner and all your resolve goes out the window. Next thing you know, you've taken 'all you can eat' to a whole new level and you're soon sat on your sofa in a food coma seriously regretting that mountain of food you so easily munched your way through.

I have had one hell of a binge this weekend. It was my birthday on Saturday (22, yay!) so my whole weekend has been filled with meals out and cocktails aplenty. I'm currently in the 'regretting' stage - I've not long got back from Pizza Hut and I am STUFFED. So, how do you limit the amount of damage you've done, and get back to your less-calorific ways of living? I've put together some tips below:

STOP! It is so easy to carry on eating junk once you start, but I know from experience that doing so will only make it ten times harder when you do decide to stop. Eat your burger for dinner (and enjoy it), but just remember to get straight back on the protein shake the following morning!

Plan in some additional exercise - not only will it help you to burn off some of those pesky calories, but it will also aid you in getting back on track mentally after your binge.

Drink water - it will really help to flush out the toxins that you've put into your body. If you've gone heavy on the alcohol, this tip is particularly important as you'll need to re-hydrate after a night of drinking. 

And finally ... stop dwelling! You are only human and will slip up occasionally. Life is far too short to spend your time worrying about the unusually large amount of chocolate you managed to scoff in one sitting. This is the time to dust yourself off and get back on the saddle!

What do you do to get back on track when you fall off of the diet wagon? Leave your comments below.

Shelley x

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